Minister meets with Future East

Health Minster Norman Lamb MP met with Future East to talk with older people and carers in Cambridge. Attendees were able to talk to the Minster face to face in a small group, on the issues around Dilnot and what that means to older people, and for us to ask questions that concern us. Many good questions were asked and answered in a meaningful way.
Peter Coleing, Chair commented ‘Future East is very happy to enable this type of meetings as it proved very useful for all who were able to attend. It is also refreshing to see a Minster, who is ready to talk to real people in a constructive manner.’
Ruth Featherstone, Locality representative for Central Beds and Steering Group member commented  “It was good to hear how the Minister intends to “create a kinder society”  and for us to have the opportunity to share our priorities with him. He is genuinely interested in capturing our views on the challenges we are facing together.”

More details of the meeting and reflections from attendees to follow.nlamb3