Age UK: Improving Later Life. Understanding the Oldest Old

Age UK has launched a definitive new report into the lives and health of people over 85, the fastest growing demographic group in the UK.

Entitled ‘Improving Later Life. Understanding the Oldest Old’, the report brings together international expert opinion to identify the trends, challenges and opportunities presented by the diverse old population.

People over the age of 85 are now the fastest growing demographic group in the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates there are currently 1.5 million people in the UK over the age of 85; by 2050 this will have grown to 5 million.

But in spite of the size of this social group, to date there has been a lack of comprehensive information about them.

Age UK’s report focusses on the lives and health of the so-called ‘fourth generation’, whose needs will change the parameters of public policy and family life.

The research provides evidence of a relationship between levels of physical and mental activity throughout a lifetime and incidence of frailty and poor health in later life.

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