Why is it that Senior Politicians have no real understanding of Housing?

Question to Nick Clegg MP Deputy Prim Minster 1I posed a question to the Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg MP last week, on LBC 97.3fm breakfast show, about the lack of real housing options for older people, what can be done to make better use of the housing stock to meet the needs of people experiencing new stages in their lives and wanting to change how and where they live?

There is a massive shortage of Extra Care housing which means a lack of choice for people with a family member that needs the extra care and their own home is no longer suitable. They seem to have no real choice to have the most suitable housing option for them; a care home is the only option available for many people even if it is not the best and this will cost more than Extra Care.

The answer I received was about the extra £10b investment by the coalition this year. Was there any new money? And what the government has done for first time buyers and the right to buy and the change in planning regulations. He was unable to answer the main point of the question: The need to build suitable new homes in real sustainable communities that enable movement and social mobility. We need to see all parts of tenure come together as one on this issue.

Peter Coleing