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Guest blog from Gilly Carliell Head of Communications & Stakeholder Engagement, integrated Care 24

“On a beautiful sunny May morning, my team and myself drove through the Cambridgeshire countryside to present to the Future East group on the NHS 111 service that we currently provide in Great Yarmouth & Waveney, North Essex and South Essex. Our invite had been extended by the Chair of the group – Peter Coleing – both an observer and a ‘user’ of the NHS 111 service!

So our remit was quite simple. Explain about how NHS 111 works, who operates it, dispel some ‘media myths’ and encourage people to dial it!!!

We spoke about our not for profit social enterprise remit; meaning any profits made have to go back into front line services and not the pockets of shareholders. We showed our call handler Tom and what he sees on the screen when a patient calls and talked the group through a general call. We showed our clinician and what they do and see. We reiterated that although call handlers aren’t clinicians, and they don’t profess to be, they are highly trained and highly supported by Nurses and paramedics. We had a great question and answer session where the group really drilled down and asked some probing questions. This was brilliant for us as being able to explain and defend what in essence is a great service for us all, encourages better understanding and more use! We are all responsible for the over attendance at A&E. We need to remember that A&E stands for Accident and Emergency not anything and everything!

NHS 111 is your free to call one stop shop for all your healthcare needs that aren’t a 999 emergency. Even if we feel that the call requires an ambulance, we can immediately despatch one to you. Please use the service! If you don’t feel that the service you received is the right service, complain! And then use it again to check that your complaint has made a difference. It is so important for all providers to receive your feedback and to act on it. We are all patients and we need to make sure that all of receive the service that we want.”

Message for Essex colleagues: CQC urgently need to hear from you

Drawing your attention to the attached details of the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) forthcoming inspection of Central Essex Community Health NHS Trust, and their request to hear the experiences of everyone who has recently accessed the Trust both via an online survey, which closes on Wednesday 8th January.

It is extremely important for as many people as possible to take feed into this inspection and so ask that you please circulate the information below as widely as possible to your staff, volunteers, networks, forums, members and any other contacts who may have accessed the Trust.

Survey link:

Cold Weather Plan

Cold Weather Plan
Public Health England has published the Cold Weather Plan for England for 2013. The plan aims to prevent avoidable harm to health, by alerting people to the negative health effects of cold weather, and enabling them to prepare and respond appropriately.

The Plan, developed in partnership with NHS England, the Local Government Association and the Met Office, sets out a series of actions to be taken by the NHS, social care and other agencies throughout the year, and in response to forecast or actual severe winter weather.

To support the Cold Weather Plan, the Met Office will issue Cold Weather Alerts from 1 November 2013 to 31 March 2014.

Stock Up On LP Gas Early This Winter

UKLPG, the trade association of the Liquid Petroleum (LP) Gas Industry, urges LP Gas users,
particularly in rural areas, to stock up early this winter while suppliers have spare delivery capacity and
weather conditions are favourable.

As winter arrives, demand for LP Gas increases at a time when the onset of bad weather can
materialise quickly and disrupt deliveries. Going into winter with a full tank of LP gas ensures that
householders and business can access the fuel and heat they need, regardless of any external weather
conditions and issues with supply.

Many LP Gas suppliers will automatically top up their customers’ tanks to ensure their gas is sufficient
going into winter.

Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG CEO, comments: “Although the LP Gas industry understands the
significance of making deliveries, the UK is consistently experiencing harsher and more unpredictable
winters that can make the logistics of delivering gas to rural areas incredibly difficult. It is therefore
imperative that you stock up on LP Gas now so that you are prepared.”

Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, welcomed UKLPG’s message to plan ahead for winter. He comments:
“The message is simple: stock up on LP Gas before the winter leaves you out in the cold. By delaying
ordering LP Gas you risk longer delivery times if the cold weather increases demand, particularly in
remote and rural parts of the country.”

LP Gas offers rural customers a heating solution that is the closest option to mains gas supply. It burns
clean with virtually no soot or sulphur emissions. There are over a million homes in rural areas that are
off the mains gas in the UK and therefore depend on deliveries of fuel to keep their properties heated.


WHERE IS THE CARE of the Elderly / Vulnerable?

Our knowledge of abuse and neglect, indifference and inefficiency began in 2009 when my 90 year old mother fell and was admitted to hospital. The stay was distressing and upsetting with insensitive staff, seemingly no continuity of staffing and difficult to get information on what was going.

Discharged to an inappropriate care setting by Adult Social Care, with lack of, and incorrect information given to us as a family, my mother fell twice sustained a brain haemorrhage undiagnosed until we moved her to a home near to us, so I could be there every day. Here observing conditions that were unacceptable.

With attempts to try and shut me out of mother’s care by all concerned, I was treated as if I was of no consequence and not listened to when I voiced concerns. We moved her to a good reputation care home. During this stressful time the only way to protect mum was to try and develop a working relationship with staff. My mother deteriorated. I voiced concerns, asked questions, but began leaving every day with a very heavy heart and worried.

The GP said incorrectly this is what is to be expected from mum’s condition, fearing the worse we took her to the seaside for a few days – and discovered a pressure sore on her heel and skin on the verge of breaking down on her backside.

We educated ourselves on pressure care, my intuition proved right. We experienced apathy and hostility to complaints being raised and closing of ranks when we questioned the care and had to fight to get the care mum needed through Adult Social Care. Everyone was acting unconcerned.

Fighting for competent care and nursing care, obstacles were put in our way as we questioned poor care. Moving to nursing care, demanded the correct treatment for her wounds, questioning everything, present at every dressing change etc. It was a surreal environment where we, the family, were treated as an interference.

Two nursing homes later, and a rehabilitation/assessment ward of a local community hospital, it was a battle to be listened to in a system failing our elderly folks. Information kept from us, decisions made behind our backs, all against my mother’s express wishes. We were lied to and alienated.

The stress took a huge toll on us, our confidence in the care system shattered. We took mum home to our home after receiving the assistance of advocates, elderly care expert and solicitor and looked after her 24/7.

• She developed an appetite
• Put on weight
• Her skin took on a healthy sheen
• She started to think again, watch TV, play her word puzzles
• She was able to come off of unnecessary drugs
• Her continence improved
• Her pressure sores totally healed.

We lost mum two and half years ago and have been pursuing Central Essex Community Services, Adult Social Care and Mid Essex Health Trust and have admission of poor care and failures. We still have no admission from the care home.

Pursuing the authorities about the frightening gaps in the system, we devised an information system that may be adopted by Mid Essex Health Trust to address the gaps and empower families with knowledge.

Planning to try and harness the power of the public voice in Essex, and highlight what is happening in our area, we will launch our website soon, to take your live and lived experience stories – and provide information/signposting. Working with authorities to highlight areas that need change, putting pressure on them to do so, especially through Healthwatch Essex.

Our experience, our complaining, is going to lead to some positive change. Please complain. Please give us your story, experience, comment now direct to our webpage! You can email us on

Together we can make a difference.