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Future East has individual and organisational members throughout the Eastern Region and works with organisations and projects throughout the Eastern counties.

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Build your internet skills with Barclays Digital Eagles

Many people have computers, tablets or smart phones but are not confident with using them or just want to sit with somebody to learn more. Whether you are a Barclays customer or not, our Digital Eagles will help you to learn through either our ‘Tea and Teach’ sessions that we run in our branches or local community spaces such as libraries, or you can just pop into your nearest local Barclays branch and ask to speak to the Digital Eagle – every branch has one.

The FREE ‘Tea and Teach’ sessions are friendly and cover a range of digital skills such as: how to send an email, browsing the Internet, Skyping your friends and family, how to bank and stay safe on line.  Many people also want to learn how to order their grocery shopping or pay utility bills, which is really handy in the winter if you are not able to get out.

You will be in the company of other likeminded people who also want to learn digital skills and enjoy a cup of tea at the same time.  You will need to bring your laptop, smart phone or ipad with you, although if you don’t have anything at the moment our Digital Eagles can show you how to do things on theirs.

For more information and to find out where the nearest Teach and Teach session is being held visit or pop into your nearest Barclays branch.

Barclays Digital Driving Licence

Barclays Digital Driving Licence is a FREE and fun learning tool designed to develop and grow your knowledge and confidence of living in the digital world. Whether it’s for home, work, business, or just life, you can do more and be more confident with digital when you use the Barclays Digital Driving Licence. It’s for everyone, so you don’t have to be a Barclays’ customer.

The Digital Driving Licence will teach you all about:

  • Digital devices, software and technology
  • Keeping your personal and financial details safe and secure
  • Digital tips for the home and at work

Take a look today

Since May 2013 the Digital Eagles have helped over 880,000 people globally become digitally savvy through Tea & Teach, Code Playground and working within schools. The ambition this year is to engage with over a million people through the reach of the Eagle Labs and 16,000 Digital Eagle colleagues.  Barclays Digital Eagles are ready to help and to open up your World.


Care & Repair bookletLiving Safely & Well at Home:  The effects of housing on health.  As we get older the condition of our home becomes increasingly important to our health.  Many common health problems, such as heart disease, respiratory infections, stroke and arthritis, may be caused or made worse by the condition of our homes, and the risk of falls increases with age. Repairs and adaptations can make your home a safer & healthier place to live.  Access the booklet here  In conjunction with Care & Repair England, FirstStop has produced a series of training modules which can be downloaded free here.  Topics include Housing Choices in Later Life and Income in Retirement.




Age Action Alliance is the network for partnership working and practical action to improve older people’s lives…together.  You can access the website here




Those aged 80 and over made up nearly 40% of the fatalities caused by portable heater fires last year but research by Electrical Safety First found that 33% of people would use a portable heater to keep an elderly relative warm.  Electrical Safety First discovered more than half of those surveyed  would use portable heaters as an alternative to keep warm this winter – yet 38% admitted that they would leave a heater switched on and unattended, with 21% saying they would leave one switched on overnight. And with portable heaters having caused 73 deaths, around 1000 injuries and over 3,800 fires since 2009/10, the dangers posed by using them incorrectly are very real. To minimise risk, Electrical Safety First and Fire and Rescue Services have produced the following guidance:

  • Never leave portable heaters unattended
  • Never leave them on whilst sleeping
  • Ensure they are positioned safely, away from anything which could knock them over
  • Place them at least a metre – around three feet – away from combustible material, such as paper or curtains
  • Never buy second-hand halogen heaters
  • Don’t plug halogen heaters into an extension lead – these can be easily overloaded and cause fires
  • Regularly check your heater and, if it is damaged, don’t use it.

“Portable heaters can be a low-cost option that can help cut the cost of fuel bills”, explains Phil Buckle, Director-General of Electrical Safety First. “But our research suggests people are putting themselves and their loved ones at risk by using them in an unsafe way.  By following our short, simple guidance, people can stay safe and warm this winter.”


Housing Learning and Improvement Network:  The leading network for connecting people and promoting innovative new ideas that enhance the housing choices of older people.