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Home Instead Senior Care for Clacton Frinton and Walton has been featured in a major report by the UKHCA.  Their new report ‘Dementia and Homecare: Driving Quality and Innovation’ seeks to provide clear, practical guidance and examples of innovative practice to further dementia care in the community. Home Instead Senior Care receives praise for its CareGiver training on dementia and the Frinton office for its interagency work (page 47)

Skilled homecare has a crucial role in ensuring people with dementia are able to live as full lives as possible. There are around 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia. By 2021, estimates suggest this may increase to over a million, presenting one of the biggest challenges to health and social care in the 21st Century. It is a well-established fact that most people living with dementia would choose to remain at home, in familiar surroundings and with the people they love. The report considers key aspects of a ‘package’ of care and support for each person living with dementia at home, how it could be developed across the country and how it can be maintained as needs increase.

At Home Instead their specialist training on Alzheimer’s and Dementia is City and Guilds certified and giving the CareGivers the confidence required to help someone living with the challenges of these diseases. To compliment this they also offer free Family and Friends workshops on Alzheimer’s. One of their  other strengths, as noted in the report is interagency work. A case study is given (page 47) showing how they helped a client remain in her own home through multidisciplinary work.

Outlining the need for change, the report recommends several actions including:

  • Delivering a personalised approach focused on outcomes for the individual and their family
  • Ensuring sufficient time to deliver the care people living with dementia need, in the way they want
  • Giving greater flexibility for homecare providers to innovate and shape care with and for the individual
  • Developing research into caring for those with dementia, as well as into finding cures

In the Tendring area Home Instead have a reputation for their personalised care and attention to detail, their minimum of one hour call times and their focus on reliability and good time keeping. It is not an easy road to tread as standing up for quality care costs.

This UKHCA report is a welcome pat on the back for Home Insteads stance on Dementia Care and senior care generally