Silver Circles

comic reliefSilver Circles is a project funded by Comic Relief through its ‘Healthier Finances’ theme. This three year project will be delivered by Future East across the Eastern Region with volunteer ‘conductors’ who will lead the conversations.




Silver Circles Stand at our March Open Meeting

What are the conversations about?
More money in your pockets and purses.  Food and Utility costs are going up; interest rates are going down.  We all need to be thrifty and nifty.  Older people can help each other manage money better in hard times
The Silver Circles team will help you to know how to get the best deals

 What is a Silver Circle?
 Silver Circles are small groups of friends, family, neighbours or social groups who are 60 or over, who will meet for 5 conversations of 2 hours on a weekly basis. We discuss how to save money and increase disposable income by sharing information, deals and ideas during the conversations and afterwards.

How will it be useful?
You will learn something for yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbours that will show you how to make small changes to save you money

Will you enjoy it?
It will be sociable, fun and informative and you may want to continue meeting with the other members of the circle after your Silver Circles sessions have ended.

Who will we work with?
Future East will work with local forums to find, vet and train conductors as well as finding and supporting hosts and participants of the Silver Circles.

For more information getting involved, contact Susannah Harris on 07858456946 or

Download the leaflet to share     Download and return the early interest form.